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Aero-mechanical conveyance

An aero-mechanical conveyor makes use of a cable with plastic discs that are pulled through a pipeline. The relatively high speed (4-5 m/s) of the discs, which are installed unattached to the pipe, results in an airflow on which the product is carried between these discs.


  • Ideal for conveying most types of powder, granulates and flake materials of various sizes and weights.
  • Minimum damage to the product, no separation by weight and/or size.
  • Adaptable to the space available, can be used vertically and horizontally.
  • No filter needed, dust-free conveyance, no product residue.
  • Minimal maintenance required, simple technology.
  • Possibilities in an ATEX environment.

Examples of application include:
Wood chips, pigments, herbs, rice, coffee, milk powder, starch, sugar, granulates, silicates, aluminium, limestone, graphite, polymers, etc.

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