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Conical mixers

Conical mixers, also known as the Nauta mixer, is a concept in many industries on account of their outstanding mixing quality and accuracy, which means that the mixer can be used for processing a broad spectrum of powders, grains and pastes. Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs are characteristic. Moreover conical mixers are extremely thorough and reliable.

The conical mixer of N.M. Heilig B.V. has three basic models:


With this type of conical mixer the screw is supported at the bottom with a pintle or ball bearing. With this model N.M. Heilig can supply cost efficient mixers with extremely large capacities up to as much as 75,000 litres.



This type of conical mixer can be supplied with capacity from 10 to 15,000 litres and is characterised by the absence of a bearing at the bottom of the mixing screw.

Among the major advantages of this are:
- No product residue after discharging dry, free-flowing products, as the mixer is fitted with an outlet at the bottom.
- No heat generation in the product on account of the absence of a bottom bearing.



This type of mixer is in principle the same as the type VD, but is made with 2 mixing screws and can be supplied in sizes from 300 litres. The reasons for putting this type of mixer on the market included the extremely brief mixing times and the limited construction height with respect to the single screw model. In combination with a lid provided with a rounded edge and an enlarged base, with the result that there is space for installing a large inspection hatch, the machine is easier to clean.