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Mixing technology

SM Silo mixers

The SM Silo mixer has been specially developed for homogenising dry substances of varying grain size and densities that flow easily. This silo mixer can be supplied from 500 up to 100,000 litres.

Operating principle

The design of the SM Silo mixer is based on the principle of creating mass flows within the mixing silo. The products for mixing are conveyed upward with the aid of a conveying screw placed in a centrally mounted tube. At the top of the tube there is a distribution plate that distributes the products carried up onto the product surface. By placing several distribution plates at varying heights in the mixer, it is possible to use this mixer for smaller charges as well. Using this plate or plates, as well as the conical part of the kettle, efficient mixing is achieved.

The mixing effect

The mixing screw conveys the material up within a tube that is installed vertical in the silo. One or more distribution plates pours the material conveyed up onto the product surface, as the entire charge falls under gravity.

heilig-silomenger1.jpg heilig-silomenger2.jpg