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MC Sieving machines

We supply control sieving machines from the MC series. These are single deck sieving machines with an inlet and outlet opening located in the middle, which can be supplied in 6 sizes.


  • Compact construction, usable in existing processes.
  • High capacities, suitable as control sieve.
  • Simple setting of the motion through external vibration motors.
  • Option of adapting construction to the space available.   

Special models:

  • Bag-emptying system
  • Pharma model

Sieve cleaning options:

  • Cleaners - these are used primarily for sieving crystalline and stringy solids.
  • Balls - this system is preferably used with fine products that stick to the gauze.
  • Brushes - these are used mainly for products that tend to agglomerate.
  • Ultrasound - for very fine and light products.

heiligmengers mc zeefmachine