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Mixing technology

TN Sieving machines

For sieving and separating solids and liquids.

These sieving machines can be supplied with at most 4 decks with the option of separation into 5 fractions.

The central vibration motor is constructed with shaft ends on which a disc is mounted with adjustable centrifugal weights. This results in vertical and horizontal motions, by means of which the product is distributed three-dimensionally over the sieving plate. The motion is adjustable for intensity and operation. These different settings for example allow a short period on the sieve deck for a check sieving of the product and a longer period for classification.

No tools are needed to adjust the centrifugal weights and they are easily accessible.

Construction characteristics:

  • The product components coming into contact in normal steel or stainless steel 304, 316 (L).
  • Quick sieve change possible through construction with quick-release fasteners.
  • Robust construction, low-noise, low energy consumption.

Sieve cleaning options:

  • Cleaners - these are used primarily for sieving crystalline and stringy solids.
  • Balls - this system is preferably used with fine products that stick to the gauze.
  • Brushes - these are used mainly for products that tend to agglomerate.
  • Ultrasound - for very fine and light products.


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